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swing analysis program
Windows® 8, 7, Vista and XP 
golf swing analysis programs for professionals and serious players.

Now, all applications are download-able and come with a "money-back" guarantee!

Golf Swing Analysis Programs
See what digiCam Analysis HD offers!  digiCam Analysis HD
Golf swing analysis software for High Definition and High Frame Rate digital cameras... and for all video cameras and camcorders!
Price: $84.
2015 Price: $42.00
Savings: $42.00 (50%)
60 FPS, Live Video Capture and Quick Analysis. Golf Swing Analysis System
Multi-function, pro quality 60 frame-per-second Quick and Comprehensive golf swing analysis.
Price: $98.
2015 Price: $49.00
Savings: $49.00 (50%)

Software and pro instruction to improve putting. Putting Analysis System
Computer program and professional golf instruction to improve putting.
Price: $98.
2015 Price: $49.00
Savings: $49.00 (50%)

Use video from your digital camera to improve your golf swing. digiCam Analysis
Inexpensive video golf swing analyzer app for point-and-shoot digital cameras.
Price: $48.
2015 Price: $24.00
Savings: $24.00 (50%)

Check out features, download and start using it within 24 hours. Golf Swing Analysis System
High value golf swing analysis program.

Price: $29.
2015 Price:$14.50
Savings: $14.50 (50%)

4 of today's most popular analysis applications:
- Golf Swing Analysis System Professional
- Putting Analysis System
- All Sports Analysis Program
- digiCam Analysis HD

Price: $197.
2015 Price: $98.50
Savings: $98.50 (50%)

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Brooks' Blog
Gary Brooks, Golf Teaching Professional, comments about swing analysis equipment and related items.

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Equipment You Need
Check the type of video camera recommended for each app.

To use Golf Swing Analysis System Professional or Putting Analysis System to their full potential, a miniDV or digital 8 (tape) format camcorder, connected by FireWire (IEEE1394) to the computer is required.

digiCam Analysis and digiCam Analysis HD use the video file import method.

Best performance with Windows 7, XP and Vista.
   optimized for 8, 7, Vista and XP

Golf Game Improvement Video
BROOKS swing method(s)
Price: $29.
2015 Price: $14.50
Savings: $14.50 (50%)
Or, FREE with any app purchase.
> video golf swing analysis since 1976
> golf swing analysis software from 2001

Now, save 50% on any analyzer application and get
BROOKS swing method(s) video free!

Mobile devices are great, but you'll do a higher quality swing analysis using your video camera and desktop or laptop PC.

Click for digiCam Analysis HD info...
digiCam Analysis HD  helps analyze golf swings recorded with virtually any video camera!

This golf swing analysis program is specifically engineered for today's High Definition and High Speed videos. It works with all video resolutions and all video frame rates, so you can analyze and compare any golf swing side-by-side, at the same time. It's a great tool for the DIYer and golf professional.

Analyze any golf swing video on your PC, even those recorded with your phone or other mobile device. Import GoPro, Sony and other sports/action camera videos.
"Have only used tablet analysis tool before, they are not so distinguished like yours... super to have the video on two 24 inch screens instead on a 10 inch tablet. Nice program!" C.L. (Norway)  Read other comments....

There are many different golf swings. Gary Brooks' download-able high-definition video presentation shows you how to get a better golf swing, fast, by using a different method, one better suited for you.

Would swinging more like Rory, Ernie or another golf pro be better than how you swing now? Find out in just minutes? If you're happy with your current golf swing, Gary will show you ways to quickly improve your full swing method, chipping, putting and overall golf game.
Click for an overview of Golf Swing Analysis System.
Expressly for miniDV and digital8 camcorders
Specially designed-for-golf computer programs let you check and analyze alignment, swing plane, head, hip and knee movement, spine angle, track the clubhead & hands, measure angles, timing, clubhead speed throughout the golf swing and more.
 Putting Analysis System 
One-of-a-kind computer application specifically intended for analyzing and improving the putting stroke. Evaluate a golfer's putting technique from as many as eleven different angles. Includes valuable golf professional putting suggestions.